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i m s o f a n c y

just came back from my second interview at Diesel omg i hope i get it cuz it’d be so amazinggg >.< wish me luuuck 

I’m seriously like in love with nastygal *-*

I spend the days looking through their clothes and I wanna have it all. I wish I was so rich I could by all the clothes I want and still be able to donate to different organizations :3 

(not sponsor) 

A little tip for you :)

If you have no idea what to wear to school or work or whatever it is go to and get ideas from their outfits. That’s what I do, plus they sell the clothes and everything so it is really cool.

Nobody paid me to do this, I just thought it’d be nice to share it with you! It’s something I like to use often to get inspiration :P 

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