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Tattoo help?

Ok so finally I’m getting my tattoo during the holidays, already chose the place and everything. This will be my first tattoo. 

So as you probably know, I’ve wanted the infinity tattoo in my neck for over a year a now but it’s so common now that it’s not very creative… But I like what it means to me and people tell me to not do that because I’ll regret it because it’s only a trend and all that, but at the same time I don’t want a change it just because it’s a trend, specially because I wanted since before it became a trend. I want it because it reminds me of what I’ve been through and basically reminds me that life goes on and it doesn’t just stop there, keep going… 

So… Should I get the infinity tattoo or should I get another symbol with a similar meaning? What other symbols could have a similar meaning (and still look good)? 

Trends for Fall 2012 from NYFW
Makeup and hair:
  • Earth-toned smokey eyes and elegantly disheveled hair
  • Gold in the inner corners for smokey eyes.
  • Cat-eye colorful liner
  • Purple shadows
  • Reverse french manicures
  • Low side buns
  • Sleek ponytails

Clothes and accessories: 

  • Deep green
  • Crop tops 
  • 60s inspired looks
  • Yellow and hot pink
  • Teal and rust
  • Fur accessories
  • Colored pants

(Source: sophisticatedcouture)

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