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i m s o f a n c y

i wanna do a tinychat cuz im bored but nobody would join :c


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Got my tattoo(s)!!!!!!!!!! My experience

So I went to the place and I was really calm until he started to put the cream on then I fainted hahahaha omg I just woke up like where am I? But I didn’t back down, I just fainted because I was nervous thinking about the pain but when he started to do the tattoo it really didn’t hurt, it was just a weird annoying feeling :P In fact, I ended up getting 2 tattoos at the same time <3 the second one was a little worst though because it was on the side of my wrist and I felt a little pain but the first one (in the back of my neck) wasn’t painful :3 

I love theeem 

Pictures coming soon 


Happy new year everyone

Things were supposed to go great but why don’t they ever do? 

Tomorrow I was supposed to dance at a flashmob with 1D?! And it got cancelled, I mean seriously? But at least I’ll still be able to see them… from very very very far away because all the fans from the country are coming.

After that, I was supposed to go to a Halloween party with my friends but I can’t because they suck.  

Friday it’s a “friend’s” bday party. I thought we were friends… and she didn’t invite me, like wtf, I hate her now.  

So I’m gonna spend my birthday alone :c and my dad is traveling… to Paris, with his efing girlfriend and not me… on my birthday. Does that make any sense to you?

I just hate people right now. I’d rather tumblr people than normal boring people. 

This just makes me want to get my tattoo now. idk why, but I do. I’m just mad. I’m turning 18 and I wanted to do something special :c  

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